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Live On The Lanes: March Recap

March 25, 2024 | Kaylee Pierskalla

Litz at 830 North

East Coast rockers, Litz, graced the lanes with an extra dancey jam set on their most recent Colorado run.
The night started with a debut performance from local Indie/Jam band, “Deep Summer Band”. DPS has been working on their sound for about a year, having released their first album about a month ago, this was their first official performance outside of the DIY realm. Their sound is rooted in traditional rock and roll and Dead-esque blues but also features whimsical, “deep” songwriting and lyricism. The highlight for me and many others in the crowd was a spaced-out funk cover of Steve Miller’s “Fly Like an Eagle”.

Litz took the stage and instantly lit up the room with their high-energy sound. Their songs had a way of bouncing back and forth between the 2 soloists, Guitar, and Keys/Sax/Flute, where these heavy headbanger guitar riffs and shreddy solos would transition to these beautiful and jazzy dance sections led by the keys player who also plays sax and flute. The multi-instrumental prowess was impressive by itself, but the soft growl of his vocals was the cherry on top that brought the whole sound together. They played a lot of new songs from their most recent album “Odusseia”. Look out for these fellas, they’ve got a great thing going!

  • Written by Caleb D’Aleo

Electric Condor at 100 Nickel

On March 22nd, 100 Nickel welcomed in three stellar rock bands for a night of ecstatic music — TongueByte, Animal Future, and Electric Condor.

TongueByte kicked off the night with an exciting set of originals and covers to warm everyone up nice and cozy.

Up next was Animal Future, a female-fronted trio who brought the fun energy for the evening. With rocking drums and pounding bass led by powerful, yet playful vocals, Animal Future was a must see!

We ended the night with headlining band, Electric Condor, who brought a LOUD sound with them, cranking things up and delivering a diverse rock performance that shook the lanes (disclaimer: no bowling games were physically impacted by the performance, just people’s hearts and souls). Everyone in the crowd from the smallest child to the grand elder had the time of their lives and if you’re reading this you should come to a show too!

  • Written by Max Doucette

SPUD at 100 Nickel

On this night SPUD took over Live On the Lanes with a phenomenal set! SPUD is a 6-piece band featuring drums, congas, bass, keys/synth, guitar, sax, and vocals. They have a strong influence on Jazz/Fusion. From the start of the show, it was evident that all of the members had mastered their respective instruments of this style. Before they played, the band informed me that their whole set was improvised. By the end, I was in shock that everything we had just heard was not rehearsed beforehand at all. It almost felt like they were reading each other’s minds while they played because they were just that tight. It was a very impressive and fun show from SPUD.

Written by Ben Jablonski

Ultralow at 2454 West

This show started off with a set from local country-rock band Sullen Mary. This group’s heavy guitar riffs and twangy vocals evoked a mix of genres that was epic. The headlining group, Ultralow, was up next. They performed their series of eclectic, original tunes. This duo, supported only by a guitar and a drum machine, sang a series of songs with vocal harmonies and catchy songwriting that is difficult to replicate. Overall, both bands left the crowd at Chipper’s Lanes more than pleased.

Written by Tim Falin

March Blast N Scrap 💥 at 2454 West

This show was a Wednesday night performance put on by Blast N Scrap. The evening was hosted by Lake, a soft-spoken solo artist who performed a series of acoustic songs in between sets that kept the energy in the room flowing. The first full set of the night was played by local rock outfit, Porridge. Their catchy songwriting and high-impact stage presence garnered a lot of favor from their crowd of loyal fans. Up next was a set from Audacious Claims, whose largely instrumental set brought an element of funk to the line-up, creating several extended solo sections while still providing the rock-based foundation that Blast N Scrap is known for. Finally, The Naked Mannequins closed the show out on a louder note. No strangers to the 2454 West stage, this group’s mixture of original songs and classic covers left the whole crowd on their feet.

  • Written by Tim Falin

Ghost.Wav at 830 North

At 830 North Fort Collins, reggae vibes took center stage as a lineup of local talents delivered a night of infectious rhythms and soulful melodies. DJ WADADA kicked off the evening with his signature beats, setting the stage for a lively atmosphere that had the crowd vibing from the start. Up next, Smoke Signals brought their unique blend of reggae sounds, captivating the audience with their fresh perspective and energetic performance. Headlining the night was GHOST WAV, whose reggae-infused tunes resonated with the crowd, providing the perfect finale to an unforgettable evening of music. From start to finish, each act showcased the vibrant reggae scene thriving in Fort Collins, leaving the audience satisfied

  • Written by Caleb D’Aleo

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