Cleanliness and Sanitation

At Chipper’s Lanes, we are working hard to keep our fun as clean as possible. That includes every detail, and every surface touched. So if you are concerned about what is being done to keep you and yours safe, fear not, we are going above and beyond what is being asked to do just that.

You don’t need to do ANYTHING, and trust we have taken cleanliness and safety to the next level.

The following items are THOROUGHLY sanitized for you to have a safe, clean, and fun experience:

  • Bowling Balls, Including Finger Holes
  • Ball Rack
  • Ball Returns
  • Scoring System and Pedestal
  • Counters
  • Tables and other surfaces
  • Chairs and Booths
  • Shoe Bin
  • Shoes
  • Sign holders
  • Napkin Holders and Menus
  • Laser Tag Guns and accessories
  • Laser Tag Vests
  • ALL bathrooms and bathroom touchpoints
  • Any touchpoints in the arcade (before and after)
  • Pens, front counter touchpoints

In short, we have dedicated as much time and energy into cleaning our center as possible to make sure that every surface is 100% clean and safe. On top of our employees sanitizing every touchpoint between every customer use, we also have daily full center cleaning personal that deep clean our centers. So don’t be surprised if, in addition to employees cleaning, you also see cleaning teams around our centers.

A NEw service model

As we opened our doors again in 2020 we knew things had to change. We also knew that if we change anything, it had to be to the benefit of our guest. So in order to re open, we re-trained and worked hard to come up with a way to make bowling and fun the most convenient and comfortable experience it could be.

What that looks like

  • When you walk in, you will be greeted by a host or hostess.
  • You will then be taken to your lane or seating area
  • All details you would have provided at our front desk will be taken, by your lane attendant and waiter. This includes shoe size, ball size, etc.
  • As you settle in, your waiter will return to take any drink and food orders and help you with anything you might need.
  • The same person will also help you understand any current promotions and other fun opportunities that might be happening that day, including laser tag and arcade.
  • As you go to check out, all shoes, balls, plates and cups, can stay in your seating area. We take care of the rest!

Face Coverings

To stay in compliance with current rules and regulations, we do ask that all guests wear a face covering. Face coverings may be removed when you arrive at your seating area. Please wear a mask when at all possible.

Other Rules and Regulations

We have checked every box here and are in communication with all health departments in our various counties. We have worked diligently so you don’t have to worry at all. Just come in and have fun! If there are ANY concerns, or you would like further details or any questions answered, please reach out to us at chippersmarketing@gmail.com

As always, Thank you for Playing Local