Have you been called the songbird of your generation? Come show us what you have at our 2019 karaoke contest.

Grand Prize? $500 CASH!!

Qualifying Dates (Every Sunday)
March 31st
April 7th
April 14th
April 28th
May 5th
May 12th
May 19th
May 26th

Finals (must qualify): June 2nd




Sign-ups start at 8:30pm. Close at 9:30pm or ealier if all slots are filled. 10 spots available.

Optional warm up from 9pm – 9:30pm (first come, first serve)
Contest begins at 9:30/9:45 pm and judging will end by 11:30pm

Must be age 18 or over to enter.

Solo singers only – no duets or groups.

All music tracks will be played from a licensed manufacturer karaoke track CDG only.

Once you have checked in, there will not be any song changes permitted for that night’s performance. If someone else sings your song, sing it better!

There will be no swearing or inappropriate behavior allowed on stage. Keep performance limited to a PG, family approved rating.
Contestants cannot consume alcohol while on stage. If you are noticeably intoxicated or acting inappropriately, you will be asked to withdraw from the contest for that week.

Top 2 contestants from each week will advance to the finals. Contestants must be present at the time of each night’s announcement of winners for that evening’s performance. If they are not, their spot will go to the next runner up.

Sorry, No repeat singers who have won the contest in the past.

Contestants will be judged on three elements:
Vocal ability (1-10): This is the most important element of the contestant’s performance. It includes the simple qualities of the voice: tone, inflection, pitch, melody
Showmanship (1-5): Includes: dancing, crowd involvement, creativity on stage, facial expressions, body gestures, etc.
Song Delivery (1-5): Familiarity with the lyrics, tempo, beat, rhythm, and volume

All judging decisions are final. Though contestants may compete multiple times in an attempt to qualify, they may only receive 1 qualification for the duration of the contest. Harassment of judges will not be accepted.

Finals will be held on June 2nd. Grand prize is $500 in cash!! To qualify for finals, you must place in the top 2 on one of the qualifying weeks.