Laser Tag is HERE!!!

Laser 5Broomfield, Colorado: With the beginning of a new year, brings an incredible, state of the art, 3000 sqft laser tag arena to Broomfield.  The arena will be located right inside Chipper’s Lanes at 100 Nickel Street and will take you on an adventure as you work your way through an alien jungle.  The remodel comes complete with 35 brand new arcade redemption games for family and friends to play.

The growing popularity of laser tag was one of the larger influences for Chipper’s Lanes owner, Matt Hoeven. “We’ve started seeing a trend in the Bowling industry that is moving towards more multi-entertainment faceted centers”, states Hoeven.  “Seeing how advanced Laser Tag has become over the last few years and how much fun people are having with these types of games really drove us to make the decision to upgrade our bowling center with new entertainment options for everyone in the family.”

Laser tag has indeed come a long way since its origins years ago. The technology used today is miles ahead of where it was just a few years ago.  Many of the arenas built for the game are now no less than works of art.  Players in today’s laser tag arenas can enjoy hundreds of game variants, with the most modern technology, and play with or Jackie[Erick]NexusSwipe30against their friends in new and unique challenges.

Chipper’s Lanes Laser Tag Arena and Arcade is open now in our Broomfield center and will open at our Horsetooth center as early as May!

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