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Dedicated to our commitment of community involvement, Chipper’s Lanes puts the FUN in fundraising!  Our Event Coordinator has a list of exciting and unique fundraising activities your guest can participate in to keep the money rolling in during your event. 

Option #1 –  Discounted Rates Event

Chipper’s offers a discounted price on 2 or 3 games and shoe rental.  Your organization sells tickets to your event at any price you would like and keep the difference. 

Option #2 – 20% Back

Pick any day or night agreed upon with Chippers for a duration of time like 9am to 5pm. Tell all your friends to go to Chipper’s Lanes & Chipper’s will give your charity 20% of all proceeds bowled under organization’s name.

Option #3 – Activity Cards

Your organization works with the event coordinator to create a discounted bowling package (i.e. 4 free bowling games and 2 free shoe rentals).  Chipper’s provides as many cards as your non-profit needs.  You sell them in the community at a higher rate and keep the difference.

Option #4 – Bowl-a-thons

Combined with Option #1, Bowl-a-thons are best suited for maximizing fundraising when the participants are highly motivated to contribute. Participants are asked to solicit pledges on a per game basis prior to the event.

Donation Requests

Chippers donates to many organizations around Northern Colorado! We would be happy to consider your organization or event, simply fill out the donation request form, and we will be in touch with you soon!

Have more questions? Feel free to contact our special events coordinator!

Shauna Gray
Community Outreach Coordinator
(970) 488-0198

For donation requests please fill out the form before contacting me :)

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