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Chipper’s 1st Annual Haunted House

A limited run haunted house will take place at Chipper’s Horsetooth in October


Are you afraid of the dark? You will be.

Chipper’s Lanes and 99.9 the Point are excited to announce an exclusive, limited run, haunted house experience that will open in late October at Chipper’s Lanes Horsetooth only.
The experience is highlighted in two parts:

1. A Haunted House experience that will scare the pants off of you in our one of a kind 2 story haunted house full of all sorts of nightmares.

2. A chance for revenge as you get to re-enter the arena, gun in hand and claim as many monsters as time will allow in our laser tag portion. (standalone laser tag experience also available)

Chipper’s Lanes announces today a new venture for 2016 with a 2 weekend run of a 3000 square foot, 2 story haunted house. The Haunted House will be constructed in what is currently the Laser Tag arena of Chipper’s Lanes Entertainment on Horsetooth and Mason. The Haunted House, currently working under the title “Fear of the Dark” will open officially on Friday October 21st.

The “Fear of the Dark” Project is an idea by put together the team at Chipper’s Horsetooth with the vision to take the new 3000 square foot laser tag arena, and use the dark concrete foggy backdrop as the start of something big. Haunted laser tag will theme the arena starting Thursday October 20th, and while haunted laser tag will be open through the season, at all laser tag centers, the haunted house will run two weekends starting Friday October 21st at Horsetooth only.

Run Dates

Haunted Laser Tag
Open from October 21st through October 31st

Haunted House (Horsetooth Center Only)

Week 1
October 21st 9pm to 1am
October 22nd 8pm to 1am
October 23rd 8pm to 12am

Week 2
October 27th 9pm to 12am
October 28th 8pm to 1am
October 29th 8pm to 1am
October 30th 8pm to 12am
October 31st 9pm to 12am


Reservations welcome, all reservations reserve a 10% discount! Please call (970) 226-6327 for more info or stop in to reserve today!

Alive and Kicking:
Haunted House experience (includes laser tag)
$20 per person

Bring On the Night!
-Haunted House
-Haunted Laser Tag
-$5 game card
-Game of bowling
$25 per person

Team Survival
-2 person Bring on the night package
$45 for 2

Haunted Laser Tag (without haunted house experience)
$8 per person, per round